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Swirl art by Cassandra Gee

The girl behind CassieSwirls

Cassie is 11 years old. She loves going to the beach, bouldering, giraffes, cooking and painting. A professional artist from the age of 3, she enjoys helping people decorate their places with her creations. Her paintings have travelled all over Australia and internationally.


Her style is free and uninhibited. She chooses a combination of acrylic paint, resin and glitter to create faraway landscapes and galaxies using only a fork or skewer and her hands.

Cassie has featured on national television, local publications and international websites.

Paying it forward

Cassie has decided to make charity an important part of her journey. She donates paintings for fundraisers as well as monetary contributions.  At the age of 3 she was approached to create a painting for an interstate fundraiser. Later that year she expressed the desire to donate bottles of water to children who did not have access to clean water. From that first donation of a water tank for children in Cambodia she has continued to support various charities throughout the world. 


Cassie has donated paintings to the following charities for fundraiser auctions:

Essentials 4 Women SA

Holt Family Fundraiser

Royal Society for the Blind

Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea

Monochrome International

Fight Cancer Foundation's Red Ball Adelaide

Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

The Trailblazer Foundation

Houses4Cambodia Kids

2016: In August Cassie donated $250 of the money she has earned from her paintings to install a rain water tank for school children in Cambodia through YourAid. In December she donated to Support the White Helmets.

2017: In March Cassie has donated one set of colouring pencils and one pencil case to children in need via Got A Pen? for every painting sold. In April she sponsored a child through the Bodhicitta Foundation by pledging $40 per month for a year. In June with support from Biz4GoodShow, $100 was donated to Bear Cottage. In August she donated $100 to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

2018: This year Cassie will be running a campaign called High Five for Africa, where she will donate $5 for each painting sold to a charity helping kids in Africa.

January: $40 for Save the Children

February: $35 for ChildFund Australia

March: $15 for Nakuru Hope

April: $15 for 100% hOPE

May: $15 for Hope Child Africa

June: $15 for Rafiki Mwema

July: no sales during the time period

August: donation of a painting to Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation - painting sold for $200

September: $20 for Mission In Action Kenya

October: holidays

November: $20 for Médecins Sans Frontières

Cassie also continued her pledge of $40 per month to sponsor a girl in India through Bodhicitta Foundation.

2019: Cassie has donated $180 in April to adopt a koala through WWF. Cassie also continued her pledge of $40 per month to sponsor a girl in India through Bodhicitta Foundation. In May she donated a painting to Houses4Cambodia Kids which sold for $300 at the live auction. In September Cassie donated a painting to help raise funds for a new sound system at her school.

2020: Cassie put out the call to help those affected by the bushfires and together we donated $129 to the Australian Red Cross. This included $5 for every painting sold during January.

2021: Cassie was a volunteer artist for Pets of the Homeless' Bad Pet Portrait fundraisers in March and June. In September she sold a painting in the Feathers and Dreams Exhibition and 50% of the sale went to Dreams2Live4. In October Cassie sponsored a Koala through WWF and will be contributing $25 per month.


2022: Cassie donated $392.50 to Dreams2Live4 by donating two paintings to their Memories Exhibition.

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